आसक्ति ही डूबने का कारण | Why Liberation ‘Seems’ Difficult?

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आसक्ति ही डूबने का कारण | Why Liberation ‘Seems’ Difficult?

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June 3, 2022

In our culture, Sansaar (the materialistic world) is likened to a perpetual sea storm, where we spend day after day constantly surrounded by worldly desires and attachments. Coupled with our ignorance, these attachments form the ‘anchor’ that keeps us trapped in the storm. When we really do wake up and find ourselves struggling to navigate its turbulent waters, we frantically seek God’s help to take away the sufferings and rescue us. Rare are those who ask God to help them rise above the binding dualities of this world. Only such beings are ‘rescued’ in the real sense of the word. This is the underlying fact that decides who actually gets liberated, and who remains a prisoner to that endless storm of materialism and desires. It all depends on whether we are willing to let go of our attachments, and whether we are willing to shed the burden of desires.

Here, Sri Guru is narrating a tale from the Vishnu Purana, that will compel you to introspect. Filled with valuable teachings, this short story highlights various aspects of human behavior including our state of mind in difficult situations.

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