गुरु का आश्रय क्यों चाहिए? | Why Seek Guru’s Guidance?

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गुरु का आश्रय क्यों चाहिए? | Why Seek Guru’s Guidance?

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May 7, 2022

गुरु का आश्रय क्यों चाहिए? — Sri Guru

“गुरु का मिलना संयोग या पुण्य के आधीन है, परन्तु गुरु का आश्रय होना हमारी पात्रता पर निर्भर है।”

Our scriptures say that to evolve on a Guru’s path is a privilege — one that can only be enjoyed by human beings, and not by any other living creature. But how do we ascertain if we are truly evolving? It depends on whether or not we have a Guru’s आश्रय (aashray). The significance of Guru’s Aashray goes way deeper than simply being in their physical presence or being born in the same time as theirs.

Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji writes in Vachanamrut 692, “Having a Guru’s Aashray is the most important triumph of this human life.” He regards Guru’s Aashray as महाभाग्य — the most essential fortune that comes with the human birth.

Building upon Shrimadji’s Vachanamrut, Sri Guru highlights what it means to be in a Guru’s Aashray, and what are the characteristic outcomes that emerge when a seeker receives Guru’s Aashray.

Download the Vachanamrut PDF: https://srmdelhi.org/692-page-no/

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