भक्ति सर्वोपरि मार्ग है | Vachanamrut #201

Sri Guru's Bodh Vachan

भक्ति सर्वोपरि मार्ग है | Vachanamrut #201

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January 11, 2024

Penned by Shrimad Rajchandraji to Hriday Sakha Saubhag Bhai, this letter reflects the pinnacle of Love and the limitless compassion of a Sadguru.

Immersed in the experiences of Prem Samadhi, a Sadguru, while experiencing ultimate fulfilment, becomes a catalyst for the liberation of countless seekers — a beautiful paradox born out of boundless compassion.

To fully embrace this divine blessing, a true devotee needs only to express sincere longing and prayer.

Watch the complete video to glimpse the vast ocean of Love!

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