मन को दुख से बाहर कैसे लाएं? | Rise Above Negative Mindset

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मन को दुख से बाहर कैसे लाएं? | Rise Above Negative Mindset

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August 3, 2022

“A negative mindset is like a slow poison.”

The mind is at the center of all human suffering. Physical pain and troubling situations almost never last indefinitely. But mental suffering and agony can endure till one breathes their last. It can harbor (and feed) the thoughts, memories, emotions, and feelings that bring us pain and misery throughout our life. Today, millions of people from all walks of life are struggling with issues like anxiety, depression, extreme overthinking, and several other mental, behavioral & psychological disorders. Looking at the soaring cases of mental health challenges across the world, one can ascertain the disastrous consequences of a negative mindset. Evidently, a negative mindset is not formed overnight. There could be a myriad of factors behind why the mind behaves in a negative manner. However, the obvious question does arise, what to do once we know that we possess a negative mindset? How to overcome such a state of mind? How to rise above the negative tendencies of the mind and embrace a positive outlook on life?

“In there lies the problem, and in there lies the key.”

Calling our negative tendencies a ‘mind-form’, Sri Guru gives us 5 useful practices that help liberate us from a negative state of mind, and cultivate a positive life experience.

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