He Prabhu! He Prabhu! Kavya | Session 4

He Prabhu! He Prabhu! Kaavya

He Prabhu! He Prabhu! Kavya | Session 4

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August 27, 2022

Sri Guru propounds upon Shrimad Rajchandraji’s Nij Dosh Avlokan Kaavya (He Prabhu! He Prabhu! Kaavya) — one of 4 poetic compositions written in 1891 A.D. at the Rannuj Nivrutti Kshetra, Gujarat.
Shrimadji’s “He Prabhu! He Prabhu! Kaavya” consists of 20 soul-stirring couplets that describe 45 Doshas (flaws) persisting within oneself. Sowing the seeds of introspection, this Kaavya constantly serves as mirror in a seeker’s life. It compels us to reflect on Self, eliminate the vices within, and invite an abundance of virtues.

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