Patanjali Yog Sutra | EP #23 | Quantum Field का सिद्धांत

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Patanjali Yog Sutra | EP #23 | Quantum Field का सिद्धांत

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August 9, 2022

The Principles of Quantum Field have a lot to do with the concept of Energy and how it manifests into all material and non-material things that exist in the universe. Being an extraordinarily intriguing topic, it has surely turned a lot of heads in the scientific world, birthing new avenues for scientific research.

In this episode, Sri Guru is bringing this revolutionary concept into the spiritual sphere. The Master skillfully combines the fundamentals of Quantum field with the Kriya Yoga (as mentioned in Maharishi Patajali’s Yoga Sutras) and the ancient yogic sciences, showing us how it is valuable in the daily lives of people. This video lets us glimpse into the world of Quantum Science, and learn the right approach to materialize our thoughts & goals into reality.
The teachings of Yoga that had been handed down in an oral tradition over thousands of years from ancient times, are said to have been synthesized and compiled by Maharishi Patanjali in the form of ‘Yog Sutra’— one of the foundational texts of classical Yogic Philosophy. The Patanjali Yog Sutras explain about the अष्टांग योग (Ashtanga Yog) illustrating the 8 Elements for a Holistic Life, i.e. यम (Yama), नियम (Niyam), आसन (Aasana), प्राणायाम (Pranayama), प्रत्याहार (Pratyahara), धारणा (Dharaana), ध्यान (Dhyana), समाधि (Samadhi). The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali consist of 196 Sanskrit Sutras organized in 4 Adhyaya (chapters) — समाधिपाद (Samadhipadah), साधनापाद (Saadhanpadah), विभूतिपाद (Vibhutipadah) and कैवल्यपाद (Kaivalyapadah). He defines Yoga as that which restrains the mind-stuff (Chitta) from taking various forms (Vrutti).

At SRM, Sri Guru has always emphasized the subtler spiritual objective of Yoga; hence, the term ‘YogaYog’ was coined— experiencing Union (Yog) through Yoga. Through this Satsang series on the Yog Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, Sri Guru takes the seekers deeper into the understanding of ‘Union’ through physical, mental, and intellectual evolution.

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