Raj Katha | Episode 5

Raj Katha

Raj Katha | Episode 5

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December 4, 2021

The Episode #5 of Raj Katha series begins with Sri Guru telling us about the astonishing state of detachment of Shrimadji at the time of his marriage with Jhabakbai. Further, we learn how Juthabhai, the first Bhakt Ratna, grew to witness the beloved Sadguru Tatva in Shrimadji. This awe-inspiring story of love and devotion also recounts the Samagam of Shrimadji and Ugariben, Juthabhai’s spouse.

With the ‘Raj Katha’ series, Sri Guru is inspiring us through short excerpts from various phases of Shrimad Rajchandraji’s life.

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