Raj Katha | Episode 9

Raj Katha

Raj Katha | Episode 9

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December 25, 2021

In the Episode #9 of Raj Katha, Sri Guru discusses the awe-inspiring story of Shrimadji’s Mudra (state of repose) that is evident on His Chitrapat. All throughout the world, it constantly serves as a beautiful medium of connection for every devotee walking on the Path illuminated by Him.

Residing in a profound state of detachment, Shrimadji had long remained untouched by the desire for any kind of worldly acclaim or legacy. But, just for the spiritual welfare (Kalyan) of the future generation of seekers, He bestowed upon us a reminder of His Ananya Dasha (exalted state).

We bow down in reverence to the ethereal stream of compassion flowing within Param Krupalu Dev!

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