The Need for Self-Realisation

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The Need for Self-Realisation

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February 12, 2022

Looking back at our rich cultural history, words like “Samyak Darshan”, “Atmagyan”, “Self-Realisation” or “Enlightenment” have abundantly been mentioned in our scriptures. In modern times, however, these words are far less prevalent in mainstream discussions. A widespread lack of clarity is evident, especially in religious spheres. Today, there are masses of people who claim to be religious, yet they are (and choose to be) oblivious to the ultimate goal of Dharma in this rare human birth. While they’ll be able to conjure answers to the “Why” of all their worldly materialistic desires, they often fail to wonder about the need for self-realisation, and hence refrain from taking the path that leads there.

In this video excerpt derived from Satang series on Shrimadji’s “Letter of 6 Fundamentals” (6 Padd Ka Patra), Sri Guru gives us great insights into “what” actually is Samyak Darshan, and “why” we must aspire for it.

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