Understanding Chaaturmaas (Part I) चातुर्मास का महत्व (भाग 1)

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Understanding Chaaturmaas (Part I) चातुर्मास का महत्व (भाग 1)

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July 6, 2022

Is Chaaturmaas Period (चातुर्मास काल) good for Sadhana? Spanning four months, it is widely regarded in Indian culture as the best time for Sadhana, an ideal time for entering into meditation practice and boosting one’s growth through the practice of certain spiritual disciplines. And this is not only confined to cultures like Jainism; the significance of Chaaturmaas is mentioned in numerous other sects and communities. People across these cultures seek and embrace righteous practices like Chaaturmaas Vrata, Chaaturmaas Niyams, Chaaturmaas Tapa, etc. during these four months. As has been propounded in our sacred texts, the energies of Mother Earth are so powerful that even a small act of goodness has a magnified outcome. Similarly, our wrongful actions tend to have more serious consequences. This is why as per the Guru-disciple tradition, we should engage in more and more righteous practices during Chaaturmaas.

In Chaaturmaas Explained (Part I), Sri Guru explains several noteworthy points around the four-month period of Chaaturmaas, its significance, purpose, benefits, and relevance in modern times.

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