क्या वाली का वध धर्म था? | Maharamayana Series EP #22

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क्या वाली का वध धर्म था? | Maharamayana Series EP #22

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July 6, 2023

Sugriva’s alliance with Shree Ram is what ultimately led to the execution of Vali (Bali) by the Lord Himself; in a presumably ‘deceitful’ manner.

“Was Shree Rama’s killing of Vali morally justified or ethically questionable?” This question has for long bothered most of those who are aware of this episode from the Ramayana.

Lack of a satisfactory answer often leaves us conflicted, either rejecting Lord’s teachings entirely or blindly trusting His actions without understanding their intent, causing doubts about not just Lord’s actions, but His virtues. A thorough understanding of the Ramayana holds the key to answering this controversial question.

Vali, on his deathbed, posed 5 questions to Shree Ram regarding dharma and adharma. Lord’s response justifies how this act was righteous, or Dharma, in every way.

Sri Guru provides detailed explanations of this incident, offering a fresh perspective that reinforces how all of the Lord’s actions align with Dharma. Tune in to gain clarity and eliminate doubts.

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