Human Body and Enlightenment | Maharamayana Series EP #24

Yogvaashishth Maharamayan Curated

Human Body and Enlightenment | Maharamayana Series EP #24

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July 26, 2023

Everything is a manifestation of energy. It is our physical limitation that veils this all-pervading energy and we only observe the tangible boundaries.

Conversely, Yogis perceive their surroundings differently.

Enlightenment (Atmagyan) evolves a new apparatus within, that inherently blurs these boundaries, thus revealing the same energy source in everyone. Such enlightened souls see everything as connected.

This enlightenment isn’t random; there is a definite route to it. A Sadguru possesses the precise Yogic methods to evolve this state through the balancing of our Chakras (energy centres in the human body).

In this video, Sri Guru reveals the 2 Golden Principles that serve as a pathway to perceive everything as it truly is.

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