बाल अवस्था और ध्यान की महिमा | Maharamayana Series EP #28

Yogvaashishth Maharamayan Curated

बाल अवस्था और ध्यान की महिमा | Maharamayana Series EP #28

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August 30, 2023

In the earlier episodes, we discovered that Shri Ram’s view of childhood diverges from the notion of it being a ‘golden period’. Instead, He perceives it as a time of inevitable vulnerability and dependency.

However, the question remains – why is childhood often revered as a sacred phase, a mirror of divinity? What leads our cultural convictions to associate children with the divine and Yogis with childlike innocence?

Answers lie within the realms of Yogic interpretations; within the first 10 years, a child’s body remains porous, its energy channels unrestricted.

How can we harness this insight?

Sri Guru explains that the right meditation techniques can render our bodies as porous and receptive as those of children, aligning our sheaths with their optimal levels.

Engage in this transformative journey through Satsang and Shakti Kriya with Sri Guru.

Shakti Kriya is a guided meditation crafted by Sri Guru, capable of liberating us from self-imposed snares of excessive desires and instilling a sense of contentment within.

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