वृद्धों की मनःस्थिति | Maharamayana Series EP #32

Yogvaashishth Maharamayan Curated

वृद्धों की मनःस्थिति | Maharamayana Series EP #32

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October 11, 2023

After going through several ups and downs of life, the mind becomes burdened with numerous regrets and a sense of emptiness. In this emotional turmoil, adults transition into old age.

Haunted by the painful memories of the past, they grapple with a frail body, unfulfilled desires due to dwindling energy, intense fear of the unknown, feelings of helplessness, and persistent anxiety. With these challenges and a lack of clarity regarding life’s purpose, old age can indeed appear as a curse.

Nobody wants to grow old by choice, yet ageing is an undeniable reality of life. This leads Shree Ram to question the purpose of a life where this inevitability looms.

In this episode, Sri Guru delves into Shree Ram’s perspective on old age.

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