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Mere Krishna

Mere Krishna is a web series by Sri Guru, where she tells elevating stories from the life of Lord Krishna, and then brings out awakening morals that we all must apply to our lives. From gross morals to deep spiritual insights, Mere Krishna also gives you time to contemplate and thoughts to inculcate within, to transform your life and become as dynamic as Krishna signals.

Latest Upload
May 2, 2020

The Mountain in Life

English 19:00

Choosing Sides

April 27, 2020

English 19:00

The Divine Irony

April 28, 2020 | New Delhi, India

Hindi 16:39

The Selfless Strategist

April 29, 2020 | New Delhi, India

Hindi 16:52

Answering Prayers?

April 30, 2020 | New Delhi, India

Hindi 15:30

One is Enough

May 1, 2020 | New Delhi, India

Hindi 18:26

The Mountain in Life

May 2, 2020 | New Delhi, India